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"Fire and ice,somehow existing together without destroying each other.More proof that I belonged with him."

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I’m supposed to present myself in a certain way, but it’s hard and you’re never going to be able to tell people who you are through the media. It’s sort of impossible. It’s much easier for a guy to say what he wants and not to be cute and funny all the time, but, if you’re a strong sort of woman, you’re just, for lack of a better word, a bitch.”

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Don’t look away from the arms of a bad dream.
Don’t look away, sometimes you’re better lost than to be seen.
Don’t look away from the arms of a moment.
Don’t look away from the arms of love.

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the twilight saga: breaking dawn, part 1 by facebook | inspired
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Kristen Stewart for the Chanel Métiers D’Art Paris-Dallas Collection

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