”I really like being thrown into the unknown and then finding my way. I don’t want to show someone something. I want people to watch me find something.”

One thing that will stay with me forever is, I really love work. I love hard work. I’m somewhat OK with the isolation. At times I realize, that’s so not normal. It’s weird, but it gives me the opportunity to do what I love,I do wish it was a bit more normal. Plans are just difficult. You have to be ready to change them any moment. If you walk into a place and there are weirdos there, you leave.

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You know nothing about me. You and me…We are at war.
I don’t see it like that.
Then you see nothing.

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"I thought they had a choice. If they had the choice, they should’ve given it to him. They should have let the lion choose."

It’s not as black and white as they said it was gonna be

New pictures of Kristen in LA today (x)

Kristen won Best Supporting Actress for Clouds of Sils Maria at the New York Film Festival!




Kristen out in LA (13/10/2014)

Kristen Stewart at SoHo Apple Store in NYC Oct.7th


Kristen, Alicia & friends out in LA today (12/10/2014)

Young Bella, immortality becomes you.